Johannes Van Tilburg Building

Johannes Van Tilburg Building

225 Arizona Avenue
Santa Monica, CA


Johannes Van Tilburg

Site Area:

7,500 sf


20,800 sf

Restaurants & Retail:

5,800 sf


26,600 sf


3.5 FAR

The Johannes Van Tilburg Building is one of four buildings designed by VTBS Architects to contribute to the revitalization of the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA.  Located on the prominent corner of Arizona Avenue and the Third Street Promenade, this structure houses ground-floor restaurants & retail with 3 floors, 2 mezzanines and a loft designated for commercial and/or office space.  Structurally the building has a downtown warehouse ambiance with its large multi-paned windows, high ceilings and dome roof.  Contemporary treatments, such as  tiered terraces, colorful exterior and ground floor retail spaces complete the design.

Van Tilburg, a tenth generation builder/architect born and raised in Holland, believes the pedestrian quality of the District is the perfect setting for his urban renaissance design.

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