9920-9922 Jefferson

9920-9922 JEFFERSON

Culver City, CA


Abraxis Bioscience, LLC  


55,509 sf – Building 1 / Existing
17,000 sf – Building 2 / New Construction

Total Lease Space:

72,509 sf


8,250 sf

Total Project Area:

80,759 sf


213 Stalls

9920 Jefferson has provided Culver City, CA with much-needed ‘creative office space.’  Dating from 1962, this steel-framed, reinforced masonry manufacturing building has been renovated and designed for re-use as professional offices.  VTBS provided Architectural Services to include the design for upgrades, alterations and improvements to the existing building, one element of which, involved removing areas of the second floor framing to allow a natural light atrium at the first floor level.

Taking advantage of the balance of the existing lot, VTBS has conceived a radiant new office building, designed to complement the existing structure yet vitalize the project with a modern image. The new building is four stories in height with a usable roof terrace and constructed with a cast-in-place concrete first floor with three steel frame floors above.

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