Airport Center Marketplace


Los Angeles, CA


HP Drollinger Company Shopping Center

Lot Size:

6.02 Acres


86,045 sf

Ralphs Market:

52,000 sf

Retail Remodel:

26,000 sf

Office Remodel:

10,000 sf

New Retail:

10,000 sf


400 Stalls

Airport Center Marketplace serves as the center of the Westchester Central Business Redevelopment effort known as Westchester Village.  As the first significant construction project in the Village in 30 years, it now houses some of the district’s first-tier food service and retail companies such as Ralphs Supermarket, Starbucks Coffee and the Boston Market Restaurant.  The overall planning effort of the Airport Center Marketplace centers on improving and maximizing commercial and retail visibility, integrating pedestrian connections, and improving vehicular circulation and parking layout.  10,000 sf of new retail space was added in addition to the new market.  As a result, the success of the Airport Center Marketplace has contributed to the expansion and growth of local business developments and housing market making Westchester a more viable community.

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