Bayside Beat 2010: Seven Members Selected For Bayside Board

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Seven Members Selected For Bayside Board

Chris Mobley of Community Corporation of Santa Monica and Doug Roscoe of Macerich joined the Bayside District Board last month after they were elected by Downtown property owners June 10. Five other board members will return.

Two board members – Allan Golad and Barbara Tenzer – were re-elected by property owners as at-large representatives. Three board members – Barbara Bryan, Rob Rader and Johannes Van Tilburg – were appointed by the City Council in June.

The seven members will each serve four years on the 13-member board, which oversees a $5 million budget that maintains public spaces, funds the Ambassador program and markets the area. The board also makes policy recom- mendations to the City Council.

The Bayside District Corporation (BDC) is a public-private management company that oversees Downtown Santa Monica, which includes the Bayside District and the Central Business District.

The Bayside District is the area defined by Wilshire Blvd. on the north. Broadway on the South, Second Street on the west and Fourth Street on the east. The Central Business District is a larger area defined by Wilshire Blvd., Colorado and Ocean Avenues and Seventh Street.

On behalf of the City of Santa Monica, to promote the economoic stability, growth and community life within the Bayside District through responsible planning, development, management and coordination of programs, projects and services designed to benefit the community as a whole, which includes the District’s business, property owners, visitors and residents.

A champion of mixed use housing, Architect Johannes Van Tilburg knows what it takes to see a project through. As principal of the local firm Van Tilburg, Banvard and Soderberg, AIA, he’s designed projects throughout the Bayside District, including Janss Court on the Promenade.