Burbank Child Care Center

Burbank Child Care Center

Burbank, CA


M. David Paul & Associates, Burbank Redevlopment Agency

Lot Area:

1.3 Acres

Childcare Center:

8,500 sf


7,000 sf


20 Detached Townhomes


15 du/ac

With the support and endorsement of the Golden State Citizen Advisory Committee and the City’s Childcare Committee, this project was approved by the Redevelopment Agency and the Council of the City of Burbank.  A childcare facility and attendant playground has been designed to accommodate 92 children and to complement the adjacent residential development of 20 single-family detached homes, reminiscent of a Cape Cod community.

Important goals achieved for the revitalization of this deteriorating multi-family neighborhood included removing substandard apartment buildings and non-conforming business uses, and replacing them with affordable and market-rate, single-family homes.  The project also offered the City/Agency an opportunity to help alleviate the major shortage of quality childcare in the City without using General Fund money.

“This childcare center is part of a redevelopment project provided for a community need.”
– David Paul, Developer

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