Cape Ann Townhomes

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Huntington Beach, CA


John Laing Homes

Lot Area:

10.4 Acres


146 Townhomes
2-story & 3-story Units

Unit Size:

1,300-1,830 sf 


14 du/ac

1999 Gold Nugget Grand Award
Best Affordable Project

The site organization incorporates popular ‘new urbanism’ textures in an attempt to provide an architecture of community.  The homes are arranged, typically, in clusters of six or eight dwellings that are accessed in two ways.  Resident (automobile) access is through attached garages which are rear-loaded, while guest and/or pedestrian access is either from a shared walk-street/common area or directly from a sidewalk connected to a community driveway.  Home entries are typically identified and enhanced through the use of front porches adjacent to these shared access routes.

The project entry incorporates a diagonal street focusing on the primary recreation space which serves as a focal point for the community.