Capri Courts

Capri Courts

Playa Vista, CA


Lee Homes

Lot Area:

1.4 Acres


23 Townhouses

Unit Size:

1,700 sf to 2,700 sf


16 du/ac

This is a high density cluster housing project in a very upscale market. The homes are planned in three clusters, each organized around an enriched automobile court. Each floor plan in the community is designed with two different entry configurations. When a house is located within the interior of a cluster, its front door is positioned toward the auto court. Homes that are located on the street perimeter have been designed to place the front door adjacent to the public sidewalk. As a result, the small community embraces the neighborhood rather than turning its back.

The home designs are of two and a half and three stories, which help to achieve such a high density for individual houses. Each home is provided with a small private yard, in addition to a series of raised terraces.

The architectural character varies with context of a Mediterranean palette. One will find a mixture of thoughtfully detailed Spanish, Tuscan, and Italianate architecture.

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