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UCLA SW Campus Housing


Westwood, Los Angeles, CA



UCLA Capital Programs

Lot Area:

11.4 Acres – 497,000 sf


840 Apartments

Unit Sizes:

375 sf to 840 sf


74 du/ac – 1.25 FAR


1,380 Cars

2009 Residential Architecture Awards Merit Award
Best Campus Housing

2007 Builder’s Choice Design & Planning Grand Award
Best Neighborhood Site Plan

2007 Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Neighborhood Site Plan

2007 Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best In-Fill, Re-Development or Rehab. Site Plan

The new Southwest Campus of the University of California Los Angeles provides much needed housing for 1,380 graduate students. Courtyard housing and street-level, walk-up townhomes concealing partial subterranean parking garages take precedence from traditional southern California residential prototypes. An arched breezeway leads to the central courtyard of each building. The project’s Spanish Colonial style responds to the original design guidelines of historic Westwood Village. Classical styling and a quad with lawns and palm plaza mark the center of the project, contrasting with the vernacular style and informal landscape elsewhere. Wood and wrought-iron balconies, tile and plaster detailing add visual interest throughout.

  • UCLA_SW_Campus_Housing_1
  • UCLA_SW_Campus_Housing_2
  • UCLA_SW_Campus_Housing_3
  • UCLA_SW_Campus_Housing_4
  • UCLA_SW_Campus_Housing_5
  • UCLA_SW_Campus_Housing_6
  • UCLA_SW_Campus_Housing_7
  • UCLA_SW_Campus_Housing_8

Burbank Child Care Center

Burbank Child Care Center

Burbank, CA


M. David Paul & Associates, Burbank Redevlopment Agency

Lot Area:

1.3 Acres

Childcare Center:

8,500 sf


7,000 sf


20 Detached Townhomes


15 du/ac

With the support and endorsement of the Golden State Citizen Advisory Committee and the City’s Childcare Committee, this project was approved by the Redevelopment Agency and the Council of the City of Burbank.  A childcare facility and attendant playground has been designed to accommodate 92 children and to complement the adjacent residential development of 20 single-family detached homes, reminiscent of a Cape Cod community.

Important goals achieved for the revitalization of this deteriorating multi-family neighborhood included removing substandard apartment buildings and non-conforming business uses, and replacing them with affordable and market-rate, single-family homes.  The project also offered the City/Agency an opportunity to help alleviate the major shortage of quality childcare in the City without using General Fund money.

“This childcare center is part of a redevelopment project provided for a community need.”
– David Paul, Developer

  • burbank-child-care-center-1
  • burbank-child-care-center-2
  • burbank-child-care-center-3
  • burbank-child-care-center-4
  • burbank-child-care-center-5
  • burbank-child-care-center-6

Coal Ridge High School

Coal Ridge High School

Silt, CO


Coal Ridge High School

Site Area:

40 Acres


115,000 sf
500 Student Classroom Wing

This project is a new Phase I high school was constructed on a 40-acre site along Interstate 70 east of Silt, Colorado.

Taking advantage of 115,000 sf of usable building space, Phase I consisted of a 500-student classroom wing, with a core facility to accommodate a total of 1,000 students. This phase consists of approximately 101,000 square feet of building.

The master plan included provisions for a future 500-student classroom addition, auditorium, natatorium, football stadium and various site and building amenities.

This project was designed in association with Fanning Howey Associates.

  • coal-ridge-high-1
  • coal-ridge-high-2
  • coal-ridge-high-4
  • coal-ridge-high-6
  • coal-ridge-high-9
  • coal-ridge-high-10

Compass Montessori


Wheatridge, CO


Compass Montessori

Project Type:

K-6 Charter School


21,000 sf

The original structure of Compass Montessori was home to a produce market before it was transformed into a school. Maintaining the form of this farmhouse-style building was important to all members of the ownership group. It was necessary for the design of the addition to be consistent with the existing building, yet create a superior learning environment.

This 21,000sf facility includes an 11,000sf addition that successfully creates a space where the primary grades are separated from the higher grades, while still allowing for interaction amongst the various grade levels. The design incorporated extended learning space for small groups to promote specialized learning capabilities and activities.

  • Compass-Montessori-1
  • Compass-Montessori-2
  • Compass-Montessori-3

New Dana Strand Lifelong Learning Center


Wilmington, CA


Mercy Housing California


10,000 sf Community Building

2008 PCBC Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Affordable Project Under 30 du/ac

This 10,000 sf community building is part of the New Dana Strand Master Plan, the redevelopment of a 22-acre former public housing project for nonprofit developer Mercy Housing California.  The program includes a gymnasium/performance space, classrooms, exhibition space, computer lab, offices and conference room.  The facility serves the entire Dana Strand community with after-school programs, parenting classes, and indoor/outdoor recreational space.  The operator is the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles.

  • new-deana-learning-1
  • new-deana-learning-3
  • new-deana-learning-5
  • new-deana-learning-6
  • new-deana-learning-7
  • new-deana-learning-10

Rifle Middle School

Rifle Middle School

Rifle, CO


Garfield School District Re-2

Project Type:

Middle School, Grade 5-8


46,600 sf

This was a $10M (total project cost) consolidation project of the Esma Lewis Elementary School with the Rifle Middle School into a single 5-8 middle school complex.  At project start, the site consisted of three buildings, with the two main buildings containing additions that were completed in a bond program five years earlier.  The program called for main portions of the existing elementary school to be razed, and replaced with a new 46,600 sf core facility and classroom wing attached to the middle school.  This allowed for centralization of administration, cafeteria, library/media and other core services.  The design was unique in that there is an 8’-6” vertical difference between floors of the two existing buildings.  There was also the challenge of creating a facility that will enhance the learning process by a marriage of eight different construction types that date from 1949 through 1996.

The existing buildings that were re-used required new mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, as well as new roofs and various site improvements.

  • rifle-middle-school-2
  • rifle-middle-school-3
  • rifle-middle-school-5
  • rifle-middle-school-10
  • rifle-middle-school-11
  • rifle-middle-school-14
  • rifle-middle-school-15
  • rifle-middle-school-9

Riverside Middle School


Newcastle, CO


Garfield School District Re-2

Project Type:

MIDDLE SCHOOL – Grades 5-8


76,924 sf

The new middle school is the prototype for the Garfield School District Re-2.  The project is located on a sloped site adjacent to an existing elementary school.  The school is a 76,924 square foot facility with a two-story academic wing designed with expansion capabilities.  It was designed to accommodate additional classrooms, an auxiliary gym, and a second music room.

The building’s interior construction allows for the flexibility to change with the education programs.  Some of the sustainable design aspects of the facility include daylighting, energy efficient mechanical systems, lighting controls, T5 lamping, upgraded insulation, infrared plumbing controls, low water plants and minimally irrigated fields.

Designed in association with Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc.

  • riverside-middle-school-1
  • riverside-middle-school-5
  • riverside-middle-school-12
  • riverside-middle-school-16
  • riverside-middle-school-17

St. James Parish Hall


Los Angeles, CA


St. James Episcopal Church

Lot Size:

9,122 sf


15,504 sf


Dedicated, April 3, 1994

VTBS was entrusted with designing a modern yet historically respectful Parish Hall adjacent to the neo-Gothic St. James Episcopal Cathedral. The unreinforced masonry structure was condemned in the 1980’s due to seismic instability. The design intent was to create a building which would be timeless in appearance and complement the church.

Exhibiting a simple yet elegant design, the Parish Hall is an introverted building where the main hall opens up to the courtyard shared with the church. Skylights illuminate much of the interior space including the two-story congregational hall with an eye-catching beam-and-truss ceiling and striking two-story stained-glass window depicting the cross.

The structure provides space for a fully furnished library, meeting rooms, a food and clothing distribution center, child-care center and playground, parish administrative offices and a commercial kitchen. The large basement is dedicated to youth and scouting activities and also houses the St. James’ food pantry.

  • st-james-parrish-1
  • st-james-parrish-2
  • st-james-parrish-3
  • st-james-parrish-6
  • st-james-parrish-7
  • st-james-parrish-9
  • st-james-parrish-12
  • st-james-parrish-14

UCLA Child Care Center


West Los Angeles, CA


UCLA – Capital Programs


171 Child Capacity


14,265 sf Indoor Area
14,535 sf Outdoor Area

The UCLA Child Development Center is a child care campus designed to serve the University of California at Los Angeles student and faculty community in West Los Angeles. Located in the master-planned University Village Family Student Housing, this facility serves 171 children in three child care programs. The planning of this campus revolves around the carefully balanced relationships between the three systems, each with its independently administered operation and programmatic requirements. The site design re-interprets the Campus quad concept in a series of courtyard playgrounds surrounded and interconnected with covered outdoor walkways. The buildings are carefully located to both define the shared-use areas and the required separations while preserving the integrity of the campus as one.

  • university-village--child-care-center-1
  • university-village--child-care-center-2
  • university-village--child-care-center-3
  • university-village--child-care-center-4
  • university-village--child-care-center-5
  • university-village--child-care-center-6