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Sacramento Commons Masterplan

Sacramento Commons Masterplan

Sacramento, CA


Kennedy Wilson

Lot Size:

10.25 Acres


1,525,300 sf


Design Development

Total Units:

1,422 Residential Units

Site 1:

High-Rise Type I – 2 Towers
-609,600 sf
-604 Market-Rate Apts.
-11 Live/Work Apts.
-913 Parking Stalls

Site 2:

Mid-Rise Type III Apartments
-405,500 sf
-435 Market-Rate Apts.
-12 Live/Work Apts.
-559 Parking Stalls

Site 3:

High-Rise Type I Hotel/Condos
-287,000 sf
-80 Luxury Condos
-320 Hotel Rooms
-400 Parking Stalls

Site 4: A.

15-Story Tower Conversion to Senior Apartments
-151,200 sf
-210 Senior Apts.

Site 4: B.

5-Story Mid-Rise Senior Apts.
-72,000 sf
-70 Senior Apts.
-144 Total Parking Stalls

Downtown Sacramento is on the rebound and poised to be a part of this evolution within the Downtown Central Business District. Sacramento Commons will transform nearly four city blocks through replacement of an aging garden apartment complex with a modern, composite development featuring four distinct residentially-themed products within an 11-acre area bounded by 5th, 7th, N, and P Streets. Individual sites for each product-type are stand-alone and have their own identity, function, and market targets.

A common and unifying element for the overall community has been designed in the form of a graceful pedestrian promenade, incorporating existing heritage trees and engendering a harmonious atmosphere in the center of this high-density setting.

  • 1 GROUND FLOOR with building foot prints.pdf
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  • sacramento-commons-3
  • sacramento-commons-4
  • sacramento-commons-5
  • sacramento-commons-6

Dublin Ranch Villages


Dublin, CA


Luxury Condominium Townhomes & Flats

34 du/ac


20.1 ACRES
46.5 du/ac
304 Family Units – For Sale
304 Family Units – For Rent
322 Senior Units


Luxury Condominium Townhomes & Flats

24 du/ac


Luxury Condominium Townhomes & Flats

10.8 ACRES


20.0 ACRES
16.8 du/ac
125 Court Townhomes
90 Villa Townhomes and Flats
121 Row Townhomes

  • dublin-ranche-villages-1
  • dublin-ranch-villages-3
  • dublin-ranch-villages-5
  • dublin-ranch-villages-7

Kohanaiki Masterplan


Kailua Kona, HI


Rutter/KW Kohanaiki LLC

Lot area:

450 acres


1.1 units/AC



A 450-acre site with two miles of ocean frontage along the scenic Kona Coast of Hawaii is being developed as a prestige private resort community with 500 one-acre and half-acre homesites positioned throughout a magnificent 18-hole golf course.

Along the seafront, the land planning treads lightly to preserve the coastal environment. Elsewhere in places, the largely flat existing topography is modified for the golf course, and to create two tiers for the clustered homesites, to optimize coastal and golf course views. Larger one-acre estates and half-acre sites are placed closer to the coast; denser clusters will be further inland. The clustered residential enclaves allow for large areas of the site to remain open for fairways and open space, while enhancing the appeal of each residential setting.

Designed by preeminent designer Rees Jones, the 7,200 yard championship golf course includes six spectacular holes running parallel to the ocean. A golf clubhouse provides ancillary amenities such as resident dining, tennis courts, and workout facilities. Separate Men’s and Women’s Locker Room structures provide optimum privacy for the golfing residents and guests.

  • M:AWARD SubmittalsGOLD NUGGET 2008Gold Nugget-DrawingsKOHANA
  • kohanaiki-2
  • kohanaiki-3
  • M:AWARD SubmittalsGOLD NUGGET 2008Gold Nugget-DrawingsUV THO
  • kohanaiki-5
  • M:AWARD SubmittalsGOLD NUGGET 2008Gold Nugget-DrawingsUV THO
  • kohanaiki-7
  • M:AWARD SubmittalsGOLD NUGGET 2008Gold Nugget-DrawingsUV THO
  • kohanaiki-9
  • kohanaiki-10

UCLA SW Campus Housing

UCLA Southwest Campus Housing Masterplan

Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA



UCLA Capital Programs

Lot Size:

11.4 Acres


1.25 FAR – 74 du/ac

No. Beds:


No. Units:

840 Apartments

Unit Sizes:

385 sf to 770 sf


1,380 Cars


Multi-Phased-Occupancy 07/ 2004

2009 Residential Architecture Merit Award
Best Campus Housing
2007 Builder’s Choice Design & Planning Grand Award
Best Neighborhood Site Plan
2007 Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Neighborhood Site Plan
2007 Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best In-Fill, Re-Development or Rehab. Site Plan

The new Southwest Campus of the University of California Los Angeles provides much needed housing for 1,380 graduate students. Courtyard housing and street-level, walk-up townhomes concealing partial subterranean parking garages are influenced by traditional southern California residential prototypes. An arched breezeway leads to the central courtyard of each building. The project’s Spanish Colonial style responds to the original design guidelines of historic Westwood Village. Classical styling and a quad with lawns and palm plaza mark the center of the project, contrasting with the vernacular style and informal landscape elsewhere. Wood and wrought-iron balconies, tile and plaster detailing add visual interest throughout.

UCLA Southwest Campus Housing Phasing Plan

The project had a budget of 130 million dollars. To increase the bid pool, the project was broken into smaller scopes of work. Also to expedite the schedule, the project was phased into Phase I for Site grading and Infrastructure, Phase II comprised of building construction and rough site work, and Phase III allowing for finish grading and landscaping.

  • ucla-sw-1
  • ucla-sw-1
  • ucla-sw-14
  • ucla-sw-5
  • ucla-sw-4

NoHo Commons Masterplan

  • noho-commons-1
  • noho-commons-2
  • noho-commons-3
  • noho-commons-4
  • noho-commons-5
  • NOHO_Lofts_9

NoHo Commons Masterplan

North Hollywood, CA


JH Snyder Company

Lot area:

23 Acres

Total Area:

1.2 Million sf


Occupied, 2007 & 2008

NOHO Lofts


JH Snyder Company


4 Acres


73 du/ac


292 Loft Apartments

2007 Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Live/Work Project
2007 Builder’s Choice Design & Planning Merit Award
Best Loft Design

NOHO Gallery


Fairfield Residential, LLC


6.58 Acres


67 du/ac


438 Apartments

Home to the NoHo Arts District, the Academy of Arts and Sciences and the North Hollywood Metro Station and Transit Center, NoHo Commons is the revitalization of an historical performing arts district in North Hollywood, California in a public-private partnership with the CRA/LA. A transit-oriented development adjacent to one of the largest transportation hubs in the San Fernando Valley, pedestrian engaging paseos, boulevards and plazas define this renewed urban village with mixed-use developments of new housing, neighborhood-serving retail, office space and entertainment destinations. Phase I contains 438 units of housing, Phase II offers 292 units of lofts and live/work and 60,000 of retail space and Phase III will be completed with an entertainment center and class A office space.

Augustine Bowers

  • augustine-bowers-1
  • Augustine-Bowers-5
  • Augustine-Bowers-1
  • Augustine-Bowers-6


Santa Clara, CA

Four, High-Rise Office & Retail Buildings

Lot Area:

31 Acres

Office Space:

1,029,600 sf


35,000 sf

Total Building Area:

2, 004,600 sf


1.5 FAR

Sited in the heart of the Silicon Valley of Northern California, Augustine Bowers is designed as an office campus comprised of 4 high-rise office and retail buildings amidst a network of open park and public gathering areas.   Designed as the Gateway to Santa Clara, Augustine Bowers includes 35,000 square feet of retail servicing the surrounding neighborhood as well as the commercial occupants.

Enchanted Canyon

  • enchanted-canyon-7
  • enchanted-canyon-3
  • enchanted-canyon-5
  • enchanted-canyon-4
  • enchanted-canyon-6

Enchanted Canyon

Sichuan Province, China

Enchanted Canyon is a masterplan comprised of seven districts in the foothills and leading into the Enchanted Canyon. Located to the west of Chengdu in the Sichuan Province of China, the main entrance to the project is from the major highway and high-speed rail line at the eastern edge of District 1.

Districts 1, 2 & 3 are in the foothills and are residential, destination resort, shopping, dining and arts-oriented Academies events, Arts & Crafts manufacturing. There are four rivers criss-crossing the community providing opportunities to create a sustainable water-oriented development. Districts 4 through 7 are located along the river within the Canyon itself, and provide a variety of residential options along with neighborhood-oriented shopping and dining, and recreational, sporting and hiking opportunities.

There is very limited vehicular access into the community. Primary modes of transportation include a trolly network in Districts 1, 2 & 3 and a Monorail accessing from District 1 and all the way up the Canyon to District 7, a distance of approximately 10km or 6 miles.

New Dana Strand


Wilmington, CA



Mercy Housing of California

Lot size:

23 Acres


5.04 du/ac


77 Single-Family
115 Attached Townhomes
120 Garden Apartments
100 Senior Apartments

Total Units:

412 Units


Completed, 2008

A formerly failed public housing project is now a 100% affordable townhouse project  with “defensible space” design techniques, such as front stoops and windows placed as “eyes on the street”, used to engage residents with their neighborhood while creating a sense of place and pride and helping avoid the patterns of isolation and decay of the former project. Individual entries, varied roof forms and color contrasts provide a sense of individuality to each home. Included is a 10,000 sf. Life-Long Learning Center with community rooms, classrooms and recreation facilities, as well as a public park with sports fields.



Mercy Housing California


10,000 sf Community Building


Completed, 2008

2008 Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Affordable Project Under 30 du/ac.

This 10,000 sf community building is part of the New Dana Strand Master Plan, the redevelopment of a 22-acre former public housing project for nonprofit developer Mercy Housing California. Building program includes a gymnasium/performance space, classrooms, exhibition space, computer lab, offices and conference rooms.

The facility serves the entire Dana Strand community with after-school programs, parenting classes, and indoor/outdoor recreational space. The operator is the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles.

  • new-dana-strand-1
  • new-dana-strand-2
  • new-dana-strand-3
  • new-dana-strand-4
  • new-dana-strand-5

Renaissance La Jolla

Renaissance La Jolla Masterplan

La Jolla, CA


McKellar Development

Site Area:

114 Acres 

Living Units:



50,000 sf.

Density (avg.):

2.1 FAR – 29 DU/AC

Renaissance La Jolla is planned as a grouping of Tuscan towns located in the “Golden Triangle” of the University Community Planning Area.  It encompasses approximately 2,500 multi-family residential units, a 29 acre park, and a neighborhood commercial development consisting of 50,000 sf. on a total area of 114 acres.

The project is bounded on the west by Town Center Drive, by proposed Golden Haven on the north, and Nobel Drive to the south.  University Town Centre and La Jolla Village Square, two regional shopping centers are located nearby.  Planning and Architectural Design Guidelines were established to illustrate site planning principles and Architectural characters of the Renaissance La Jolla community.

Within each planning area, plazas and paseos are encouraged to establish pedestrian gathering places, while Architectural features such as towers and arcades are intended to frame visual axes and focal points.  The Design Guidelines also encourage careful site planning that considers the total context of the site, the placement of buildings, building pads and streets, grading design, service functions and the relationship to adjoining developments with a special emphasis on maximizing views and the preservation of natural, riparian corridor and open spaces.

  • renaissance-la-jolla-1
  • renaissance-la-jolla-2
  • renaissance-la-jolla-3
  • renaissance-la-jolla-4
  • renaissance-la-jolla-5
  • renaissance-la-jolla-6

Seacliff Country Club

Seacliff Country Club & Residences Masterplan

Huntington Beach, CA

Masterplanned Golf Community


Cayman Development

Lot Area:

120 Acres


1,234 Residential Units

Golf Club Building:

40,000 sf

Tennis Club Building:

5,000 sf

A masterplanned community of 1,234 residential units comprised of 700 Single-Family homes, 330 Townhomes and 104 Master Series residences, the exclusive Seacliff Country Club was constructed in an area once devoted entirely to oil fields. Included is a 40,000 sf Country Club and a 5,000 sf Tennis Club building. An Italian Mediterranean village theme was used for this award-winning community.

  • seaclif-country-club-1
  • seaclif-country-club-2
  • seaclif-country-club-3
  • seaclif-country-club-4
  • seaclif-country-club-5
  • seaclif-country-club-6