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Shops at Oak Creek


Agoura Hills, CA


Adler Realty Investments

Site Area:

5.71 Acres

Commercial Area:

33,680 sf


0.14 FAR


Completed, May, 2010

The Shops at Oak Creek encompasses both commercial retail and restaurant uses in five detached buildings totaling 33,680 sf on 5.71 acres of site. This development is adjacent to Kanan Road and Highway 101 in Agoura Hills, California. It is the last phase of a larger Masterplan comprised of townhouse buildings to the north and a 125-room extended stay hotel to the east. Overall planning efforts concentrate on maximizing commercial building exposure, while paseos and plazas provide integrated pedestrian connection nodes between the buildings.

The Shops at Oak Creek draws its Architectural inspiration from the site context around it. Rolling hillsides with mature oak trees and the restored Medea Creek that bisects the site set the design palette of earth tones and rustic detailing of this neighborhood commercial center.

  • shop-oak-creak-1
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San Diego Design Center


San Diego, CA 


McKellar Development of La Jolla


11 Acres 

Total Area:

350,000 sf


690 Stalls

Construction Cost:

$60 Million – Phase I

This project originated as the San Diego Design Center.  The building was later purchased by QualComm and renamed.  Situated upon an 11-acre suburban site, the building encompasses 350,000 square feet of office space. Extending some 800 feet in length, the interior systems of streets, walkways, plazas and atriums cleverly accommodate a complex circulation pattern.  The central hall, with its tower, plaza and walkways, serves to solidly anchor the building and the visitor’s experience of the building.

  • san-diego-design-center-1
  • san-diego-design-center-2
  • san-diego-design-center-4
  • san-diego-design-center-6
  • san-diego-design-center-7
  • san-diego-design-center-8
  • san-diego-design-center-11
  • san-diego-design-center-12
  • san-diego-design-center-18

Oxnard Factory Outlet


Oxnard, CA


Carl M. Buck Building Company

Lot Area:

25.78 Acres

Building Area:

Phase I: 150,000 sf
Phase II: 135,000 sf

Total Building Area:

285,000 sf


24 FAR

1995 PCBC Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Commercial Project Retail

This 284,500 sf outlet was inspired by Oxnard’s agrarian history interpreted through the use of vibrant colors, roof material and shapes, structural farm building framing, and fruit-crate label signage.  Enlarged reproductions of fruit labels appear on tilt-up concrete walls; sheet metal ventilators cap roofs of the corrugated metal; a windmill and a water tank form the skyline.  Building materials were selected with economy and scheduling among the main considerations.

The landscape concept was to treat the entry drive as a shaded allee’ and the parking lots as traditional orchards.

  • oxnard-factory-outlet-1
  • oxnard-factory-outlet-4
  • oxnard-factory-outlet-3
  • Oxnard-Factory-Outlet-5
  • Oxnard-Factory-Outlet-6
  • oxnard-factory-outlet-9

Renaissance La Jolla

Renaissance La Jolla Masterplan

La Jolla, CA


McKellar Development / Roger Joseph Development

Site Area:

5 Acres 


50,000 sf

This 50,000 sf neighborhood commercial center is situated on five acres of a 115-acre masterplanned community for which a northern Italian village theme had been selected to establish an overall community identity. With its lively outdoor cafes, this center seeks to recreate the vital sense of community which found its expression in the village marketplace and public square of Renaissance Italy.

Design guidelines call for architectural images composed of unifying elements such as tile roofs, pale washed walls, simple and uncluttered detailing and arches and columns, as well as people-oriented spaces and open space linkages.

In fact, the center can be reached by foot from the surrounding community across the picturesque pedestrian bridge, one of the focal elements of the design. Situated in a large piazza, the landmark 90’-high clock tower identifies the development, and arcades contribute significantly to the elaboration of the community theme.

A major design objective for this development was to widen pedestrian traffic areas, creating a number of pleasant outdoor seating areas. Upgraded finishes such as stamped concrete for the walkways and colorful outdoor umbrellas enhance the vibrant atmosphere of the center.

  • renaissance-la-jolla-1
  • renaissance-la-jolla-2
  • renaissance-la-jolla-3
  • renaissance-la-jolla-4
  • renaissance-la-jolla-5
  • renaissance-la-jolla-7
  • renaissance-la-jolla-8
  • renaissance-la-jolla-11

One Rodeo Boutiques

One Rodeo

Beverly Hills, CA


The Stitzel Company


12,500 SF


Peck/Jones Construction

Located at the prestigious intersection of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, the One Rodeo Drive complex ascends as the gateway structure to the “golden triangle” shopping district of Beverly Hills.

Originally designed as a collection of various-sized, multi-leveled boutiques intended to give each tenant a separate façade identity while maintaining a continuity in regard to the project as a whole, One Rodeo is situated across the street from the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel and adjacent to the individual shops of Rodeo Drive. The innovative structure is currently occupied by the fashion house of world-renowned designer Fendi.

The building incorporates a Neo-Palladian design theme to blend the massive scale of its Wilshire Boulevard neighbors with the humanly-scaled, pedestrian environment of Rodeo Drive, all within this single 12,500 square foot, multifaceted structure.

  • one-rodeo-1
  • one-rodeo-2
  • one-rodeo-3
  • one-rodeo-6
  • one-rodeo-9
  • one-rodeo-10

Airport Center Marketplace


Los Angeles, CA


HP Drollinger Company Shopping Center

Lot Size:

6.02 Acres


86,045 sf

Ralphs Market:

52,000 sf

Retail Remodel:

26,000 sf

Office Remodel:

10,000 sf

New Retail:

10,000 sf


400 Stalls

Airport Center Marketplace serves as the center of the Westchester Central Business Redevelopment effort known as Westchester Village.  As the first significant construction project in the Village in 30 years, it now houses some of the district’s first-tier food service and retail companies such as Ralphs Supermarket, Starbucks Coffee and the Boston Market Restaurant.  The overall planning effort of the Airport Center Marketplace centers on improving and maximizing commercial and retail visibility, integrating pedestrian connections, and improving vehicular circulation and parking layout.  10,000 sf of new retail space was added in addition to the new market.  As a result, the success of the Airport Center Marketplace has contributed to the expansion and growth of local business developments and housing market making Westchester a more viable community.

  • airport-center-marketplace-1
  • airport-center-marketplace-2
  • airport-center-marketplace-3

Bijan Men’s Fashion

Bijan Men’s Fashion

Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, CA


Bijan Men’s Clothing


15,000 sf

Bijan was created by the adaptive re-use of an existing building shell on fashionable Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The goal was to create an understated, elegant and timeless design to house this “by appointment only’ retail mecca of high-end clothing.

The design goals were achieved through the use of beveled glass in painted steel frames, single forms made out of metal studs and plaster, and the use of distinctive awnings with discreet signage. The result was an inviting and exciting environment for attracting exclusive shoppers.

  • bijan-1
  • bijan-2
  • bijan-3

Eva Varro Designs

Eva Varro Designs

Santa Monica, CA


Eva Varro Designs

Sales Area:

740 sf


Completed, August 2010

The renovation of the Santa Monica Place mall offered clothing designer, Eva Varro, the opportunity to showcase her boutique fashion. Located in the enviable position of one floor directly above Tiffany’s, overlooking the open courtyard of the mall, the design for the store needed to respond to the elegant up-scale surrounding businesses and yet provide a current and contemporary storefront to attract a large economic range of shoppers. VTBS provided full interior and exterior architectural services including floor design, dressing rooms, display opportunities, paint and textile selection and storefront facade.

  • eva-varro-1
  • eva-varro-7
  • eva-varro-3

Rodeo Drive Boutiques

Rodeo Drive Boutiques

Beverly Hills, CA


Multiple Owner Boutiques


10,000 sf


Torie Steele, Gianfranco Ferre, Krizia, Valentino, Donald Dliner, Inamori Jewlery, Jag Clothing, Lanvin, Right Bank Clothing & Restaurant, Beverly Hills Banks

Winner of the Los Angeles Chapter of American Institute of Architects (AIA) Award of Merit

The concept is one of several shops presented as discreet, yet connected places of business. Each shop has its own identity and its own designer line to present from within its own unique identifiable storefront. Customers enter through the doorways of one of five individual facades, and access to all of the shops is provided through an interior galleria. The result is a unified individuality which does not dominate or overwhelm the scale for the street.

Intimate features perpetuate the scale and character of the Rodeo Drive streetscape. Rusticated details reminiscent of the shops found on the Via della Spiga in Milan, Italy, can be found on the facades.

Torie Steele Boutiques is one of a series of nine boutiques designed by our firm on world- famous Rodeo Drive.

“Dignified and suitable street architecture.”
-Robert Stern, FAIA

“The approach is theatre and a very good direction for the whole streeet to take.”
-Bruce Graham, FAIA

  • rodeo-drive-boutique-4
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-sketch
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-1
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-plan
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-elevation
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-bank-of-beverly-hills-1
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-bank-of-beverly-hills-3
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-bank-of-beverly-hills-4
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-inamori-1
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-inamori-2
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-jag-jeans-1
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-jag-jeans-2
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-krizia
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-lanvin-1
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-lanvin-2
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-right-bank-2
  • rodeo-drive-boutique-right-bank-5