Classics @ Heritage Park


Culver City, CA


Braemar Urban Ventures, 
The Lee Group &
ERAS – Educational Resource and Services of Culver City


9 Acres


57 Single-Family Homes

2000 Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Residential – Residence 2

2000 Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Residential – Residence 3

Formerly the site of the Studio Drive-In Theatre in Culver City, CA, this redevelopment project includes the masterplan for fifty-seven single-family homes, a community park and a school for children with learning disabilities, over 9 acres.  VTBS designed 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom detached homes ranging from 1,880sf to 2,180sf in a variety of cottage, craftsman and Mediterranean styles.  Additionally, VTBS designed the 45,000 sf ERAS Center (Educational Resource and Service) Headquarters, school facilities and a community park on the remaining site.  ERAS provides education training and other services for developmentally disabled children and adults.

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