Irvine, CA


John Laing Homes

Gross Lot Area:

14.3 Acres

Net Lot Area:

10.4 Acres


167 Single-Family Homes

Gross Density:

11.7 du/ac

Net Density:

16 du/ac

This six-unit cluster blueprint is planned on a grassy area with each cluster designed within a compact footprint, precluding the need for fire department truck access and are accessed off a thirty-six foot wide loop street that provides parallel parking for guests on both sides.

There are 4 unit types ranging from a 1,600 sf 2-bedroom with loft design to a 2,000 sf 3-bedroom plan.  All units have an attached two-car garage.  Each home is also provided with a private yard/patio of 700 sf minimum, most being much larger.

The Architecture is inspired by cottages one might see in the French, Spanish and Italian countrysides.  Gentle curves in roof shapes and facades, along with shutters, window planter boxes, and thoughtful detailing enhance the warmth of the elevations.  Several color schemes are utilized to add variety and texture to the community.

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