Janss Court

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Janss Court

Santa Monica, CA


The Janss Corporation

Lot Size:

7 Acres – 30,000 sf


4.3 FAR


20,000 sf


11,000 sf


6,000 sf


56,000 sf


37,000 sf – 32 Ocean View units


130,000 sf

This landmark mixed-use project became the blueprint for high-density solutions in Santa Monica. The Janss Court is a seven-story building located on a 30,000 square foot parcel. The ground floor houses a four-plex theatre and two restaurants within 33,798 square feet. Located above are three floors of office space within approximately 56,000 square feet. The building is topped with 32 upscale rental apartments located on three floors.

Located at the terminus of the Third Street Promenade, in the process of redevelopment after years of neglect and abandonment by the public, this project was regarded by the City of Santa Monica as the keystone building. With its movie theaters, restaurants, offices and apartments this complex would be instrumental in the revitalization of the mall and so the City did what it could to streamline the development process.

By creating a 20-foot passageway connecting the mall to the proposed City-owned parking structure to the east and by complying with all City Planning requirements, the developer was granted a FAR bonus enabling him to build 30,000 square feet of residential space above the four levels of commercial space.