New Dana Strand


Wilmington, CA



Mercy Housing of California

Lot Area:

23 Acres – 1,000,000 sf


116 Attached Townhomes

Total Units:

412 Units


18 du/ac

2008 Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Affordable Project Under 30 du/ac

This 100% affordable townhouse project is part of a larger master plan developed by the firm which is to also include several other residential components serving households of various size, stage of life and income level.

Formerly a failed public housing project plagued by crime, gang activity and social problems, and at odds with the surrounding community, the approach to the replacement project was to knit the surrounding street pattern into the new development.

Three-story townhouses placed in traditional row house fashion line the streets. Direct-entry garages are alley accessed. “Defensible space” design techniques, such as front stoops, and windows placed as “eyes on the street”, are used to engage residents with their neighborhood, creating a sense of place and pride, and help avoid the patterns of isolation and decay of the former project.

Individual entries, varied roof forms and color contrasts provide a sense of individuality to each home; front yards with attractive landscaping, sidewalks and street trees provide an attractive residential setting.

Included in the project is a Life Long Learning Center with community rooms, classrooms and recreation facilities, as well as a public park with sports fields. These are placed at the center of the project and will also serve the apartments, senior housing and single family homes which will form the larger community.

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