Olen Corporate Headquarters


Irvine, CA


Olen Properties Corporation


56,200 sf

Leasing Offices:

14,150 sf


4/1,000 Surface Parking

This 56,200 sf office building was designed to serve as the headquarters for local development company Olen Properties Corporation.  Sited on Corporate Drive in the commercial heart of Irvine, CA the structure was envisioned to deliver an impressive impact on visitors.

The Owner felt that this particular project must meet two very important objectives.  First, as a real estate company, the firm’s own building must make a definitive and unique architectural statement.  And second, the structure must reflect the corporation’s dedication to reliable, durable construction.

Neo-classical and post-modernist in design, the building offers a majestic quality while the use of natural marble and granite serves to anchor it into the organic landscape.  A dramatic two-story entry and marble lobby is appreciated by visitors, marking the building as a “Class A” office building.

Amenities include 4/1,000 surface parking, high-speed elevators, and a computerized energy management system.

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