Olen Pointe


Brea, CA


Olen Properties Corporation

Lot Area:

19 Acres

Site Area:

830,000 sf

Building Area:

Phase I  – 320,000 sf
Phase II – 391,000 sf


1,254 Parking Stalls in Structure
621 Parking Stalls on Site

A nearly 1,000,000 sf office park was designed for Olen Properties Corporation, a second collaboration with VTBS in the development of contemporary, elegant and functional commercial space.  Filling the need for office space in the hub of the experienced labor bases of Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, the masterplan for the park called for two  high-rise buildings, each offering 121,000 sf of office space, a mid-rise building offering 77,000 sf for commercial uses, two restaurants and a 180-room Marriott Garden Hotel.

Distinctive architecture was devised with granite building exteriors and energy-efficient solarban glass.  Exterior plazas featuring cascading waterways, bronze sculptures and lush landscaping invite the tenants to enjoy outdoor breaks in their schedules.

A second phase of 14 acres is currently planned for an additional 391,000 sf of office space, 2 restaurants, and a six-screen theater complex.

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