One Rodeo Boutiques

One Rodeo

Beverly Hills, CA


The Stitzel Company


12,500 SF


Peck/Jones Construction

Located at the prestigious intersection of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, the One Rodeo Drive complex ascends as the gateway structure to the “golden triangle” shopping district of Beverly Hills.

Originally designed as a collection of various-sized, multi-leveled boutiques intended to give each tenant a separate façade identity while maintaining a continuity in regard to the project as a whole, One Rodeo is situated across the street from the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel and adjacent to the individual shops of Rodeo Drive. The innovative structure is currently occupied by the fashion house of world-renowned designer Fendi.

The building incorporates a Neo-Palladian design theme to blend the massive scale of its Wilshire Boulevard neighbors with the humanly-scaled, pedestrian environment of Rodeo Drive, all within this single 12,500 square foot, multifaceted structure.

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