LA Real Estate Blog 2010: West Hollywood’s Movietown Plaza Coming To Eastside

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West Hollywood’s Movietown Plaza Brings 294 Condos, 76 Apartments and Retail to Eastside

Friday, February 19, 2010

Within a few years, Movietown Plaza, a dumpy, old strip mall at 7300-7328 Santa Monica Boulevard will be transformed into a dense, mixed-use complex housing 294 condominium, 76 affordable housing units, and retail fronting Santa Monica Boulevard.

This week the West Hollywood city council dissented with the city planning’s recommendation to reject the project and approved Casden Properties plan that includes a nine- and ten-story tower. Concerns included the impact on traffic, congestion and parking in an area which is seeing a burst in development.

Don’t expect to zip from Beverly Hills to Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard — the cumulative effect of these developments will cause major increases in traffic. But the eastside of West Hollywood is in need of revitalization, and this kind of major project will anchor residential and commercial activity in this central, Hollywood-adjacent area.

Major changes are afoot in WeHo, and it is rapidly being transformed from a horizontal city with lots of sky to a vertical, dense city — like every other major metropolitan area in the world.