Rodeo Drive Boutiques

Rodeo Drive Boutiques

Beverly Hills, CA


Multiple Owner Boutiques


10,000 sf


Torie Steele, Gianfranco Ferre, Krizia, Valentino, Donald Dliner, Inamori Jewlery, Jag Clothing, Lanvin, Right Bank Clothing & Restaurant, Beverly Hills Banks

Winner of the Los Angeles Chapter of American Institute of Architects (AIA) Award of Merit

The concept is one of several shops presented as discreet, yet connected places of business. Each shop has its own identity and its own designer line to present from within its own unique identifiable storefront. Customers enter through the doorways of one of five individual facades, and access to all of the shops is provided through an interior galleria. The result is a unified individuality which does not dominate or overwhelm the scale for the street.

Intimate features perpetuate the scale and character of the Rodeo Drive streetscape. Rusticated details reminiscent of the shops found on the Via della Spiga in Milan, Italy, can be found on the facades.

Torie Steele Boutiques is one of a series of nine boutiques designed by our firm on world- famous Rodeo Drive.

“Dignified and suitable street architecture.”
-Robert Stern, FAIA

“The approach is theatre and a very good direction for the whole streeet to take.”
-Bruce Graham, FAIA

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