Sacramento Commons Masterplan

Sacramento Commons Masterplan

Sacramento, CA


Kennedy Wilson

Lot Size:

10.25 Acres


1,525,300 sf


Design Development

Total Units:

1,422 Residential Units

Site 1:

High-Rise Type I – 2 Towers
-609,600 sf
-604 Market-Rate Apts.
-11 Live/Work Apts.
-913 Parking Stalls

Site 2:

Mid-Rise Type III Apartments
-405,500 sf
-435 Market-Rate Apts.
-12 Live/Work Apts.
-559 Parking Stalls

Site 3:

High-Rise Type I Hotel/Condos
-287,000 sf
-80 Luxury Condos
-320 Hotel Rooms
-400 Parking Stalls

Site 4: A.

15-Story Tower Conversion to Senior Apartments
-151,200 sf
-210 Senior Apts.

Site 4: B.

5-Story Mid-Rise Senior Apts.
-72,000 sf
-70 Senior Apts.
-144 Total Parking Stalls

Downtown Sacramento is on the rebound and poised to be a part of this evolution within the Downtown Central Business District. Sacramento Commons will transform nearly four city blocks through replacement of an aging garden apartment complex with a modern, composite development featuring four distinct residentially-themed products within an 11-acre area bounded by 5th, 7th, N, and P Streets. Individual sites for each product-type are stand-alone and have their own identity, function, and market targets.

A common and unifying element for the overall community has been designed in the form of a graceful pedestrian promenade, incorporating existing heritage trees and engendering a harmonious atmosphere in the center of this high-density setting.

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