Summit on Sixth

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Summit on Sixth

Los Angeles, CA


Apollo Real Estate

Lot Area:

1.8 Acres – 78,000 sf


23,000 sf


209,000 sf


82 Luxury Condominiums


45.8 du/ac

2010 PCBC Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Adaptive Reuse Project

The adaptive reuse of a vacant 1960s office tower provides ninety-six condominium flats, as well as ground floor retail, a block from a Metro subway station in a revitalizing neighborhood west of downtown Los Angeles.

The deep floor plate of the lower five levels accommodates one-bedroom units with high ceilings and generous dens near their entries. These levels are expressed with balconies and individual windows set deep into thick walls, relating to the predominantly lower-scale surrounding urban fabric, while a new curtain wall, relating to the sky,  encloses the stepped-back, slender upper story tower. Here, wider two-bedroom units with bedrooms on both sides of living-rooms, and generous terraces, are accommodated in the shallower floor plate.

An existing garage under the building, extending to a partly-subterranean three-level structure north of the tower, accommodates resident and retail parking. Along a side street, planters screen the above-ground garage, whose low massing ensures preservation of spectacular Hollywood Hills views for north-facing units.

A gym and lounge for residents are tucked under first floor retail. The building was upgraded for accessibility, seismic, life safety and energy performance.