Sustainable On-the-Boards Projects

Sustainable On-the-Boards Projects

The Plaza at Santa Monica / MPC & Clarett West
Pasadena 201 / Greystar
Pico Sepulveda / Casden Properties
The Weddington / Greystar
Sacramento Commons / Kennedy Wilson
Talaria @ Burbank / Cusumano
West LA 135 / Greystar
Picasso Pasadena /  MPC & JVT
Picasso Brentwood /  MPC & JVT

VTBS is proud to enthusiastically promote the design of healthy buildings that enhance the quality of life of its occupants. Currently, VTBS has numerous projects in various stages of design and development and is dedicated to the research, design and construction of sustainable buildings centering around these fundamental objectives:

-Holistic Design Solutions
-Preservation and Conservation of Natural Resources
-Promote Strategies for Reduced Dependency on Automobiles
-Material and Structure Re-use
-Increased Energy Efficiency
-Improved Indoor Air and Environmental Quality
-Innovation in Sustainable Cost Saving Strategies

Our holistic approach to Sustainable Design allows us to implement a process that minimizes costs and maximizes benefits. We investigate market-based solutions and carefully analyze the costs associated with each strategy against the benefits to justify its inclusion in the Lifecycle Cost analyses. We at VTBS have a commitment to the creation of sustainable buildings and communities. As individuals and as a firm, we are committed to the conservation of our environment and the intelligent utilization of our natural and cultural resources.

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