Triangle Square


Hollywood, CA


McCormack Baron & Salazar 

Lot size:

0.85 Acres


31,000 sf


80,000 sf


104 Apartments

Unit Size:

540 sf to 830 sf


123 du/ac

2008 Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Best Infill, Redevelopment or Rehab Site Plan

This Elderly Housing Development is a 100% affordable housing project catering to the Alternative Lifestyle community, situated in the heart of Hollywood’s redevelopment and entertainment district.   Triangle Square is the nation’s first affordable, multi-cultural housing development supporting the needs of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) elders.  Affordable monthly rentals ranging from $350-$1,000 are designed as compact one and two-bedroom units placed in two four-story buildings enclosing a central  podium-level courtyard.  The facility has 10 apartments over covered parking, with an outdoor courtyard, pool, and resident lounges on every floor.  One-third of the units are designated for seniors with HIV/AIDS, homeless, or at risk homeless.  The ground floor includes retail, GLEH offices and an Activity Center open to residents and non-residents.  GLEH is a non-profit organization operating affordable, non-discriminatory residential communities and centers.  The Activity Center includes social services, classes and cultural events.

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